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Pharmacological effects of aloe extract

① Purgative effects Various plants of the genus Aloe contain anthraquinone derivatives, especially aloe-emodin glycosides; these anthracene-containing glycosides must release emodin in the intestines to exert stimulating purgative effects. In addition, injecting aloe extract into dogs, an appropriate dose can increase the secretion of small intestinal juice and increase the activity of lipase, and sometimes it can also increase the activity of dipeptidase. Too high a dose will have an inhibitory effect.

② Treating traumatic rabbits with artificial conjunctival edema with aloe vera water extract (10% solution) can shorten the healing days; it can also slightly promote the healing of the artificially wounded rat's back.

③ Anti-cancer effect Aloe extract 1:500 alcohol extract can inhibit the growth of sarcoma-180 and Ehrlich ascites carcinoma in the body; an almost pure substance isolated from the extract has a higher anti-cancer effect, half of the mice The lethal dose is 5 g/kg.

④ Other effects Aloe extract 1:500 has an inhibitory effect on the isolated toad heart, and its white powder 1:100 solution also has an inhibitory effect.

Aloe extract is also widely used in cosmetics: there is a record of aloe as a beauty product in ancient my country. Aloe vera juice is a natural extract, which contains a variety of moisturizing ingredients and nutrients beneficial to the human body. Scientific research believes. Since aloe contains glucose, mannose, uronic acid, calcium, hydrating protease, biological hormones, hormones, protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other trace elements, it has nutritious moisturizing, sun protection, anti-inflammatory, hair and hair care, etc. Efficacy, at the same time, it has significant effects on softening the skin, astringent, preventing acne, preventing rough skin, anti-inflammatory and itching, hair care, and keeping the skin delicate and white. Aloe vera has a good compatibility, can be well matched with various cosmetic crystal materials, and can eliminate the damage of various surfactants to the skin. Cosmetics made with aloe vera extract include health care toothpaste, cleansing skin care products, series of hair products, moisturizing creams, youth creams and other products. According to the American Cosmetic Association, aloe vera is the most popular cosmetics in the United States, with more than 33% of consumers Use this cosmetic.

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