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Application of aloe extract

1. The application of aloe extract in medicine

The aloe polysaccharide in aloe has been produced by the Carrington Laboratory in the United States and approved for the treatment of human AIDS. According to Dr. W. Winters of the University of Texas Health Science Center, aloe vera contains at least 140 ingredients, including ingredients that control cell growth and differentiation, anti-infective ingredients, and ingredients that stimulate the growth of white blood cells and other immune cells, and promote healing. The ingredients of the injury, etc.

Studies have found that aloe vera gel, a sticky substance contained in aloe vera, has a strong anti-cancer effect. The well-known Japanese medical scientist Dr. Soeda Hyakue found through experiments that the active ingredients of aloe vera can prevent the activity of cancer factors and are effective in fighting cancer. She further researched and found that the active ingredients of aloe vera can not only prevent the growth of cancer cells, but also kill bacteria and neutralize exotoxins. Dr. Yunan Suzuki of Japan uses aloe extract-aloe carcinogen-A to treat malignant tumors, and the effective rate can reach 76%. Many scholars have further researched and found that this highly anti-cancer substance is aloimiazine, named aloin-A, which is a polymer glycoprotein with a relative molecular mass of 18,000.

2. The application of aloe extract in cosmetics

There is a record of aloe as a beauty product in ancient my country. Aloe vera juice is a natural extract, which contains a variety of moisturizing ingredients and nutrients beneficial to the human body. Scientific research thinks. Because aloe contains glucose, mannose, uronic acid, calcium, and hydrated eggs.

Aloe vera gel products have white enzymes, biological hormones, hormones, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other trace elements, so they have the functions of nourishing moisturizing, sun protection, anti-inflammatory, hairdressing and hair care. At the same time, it can soften the skin, astringent, and prevent Acne, prevention of rough skin, anti-inflammatory and anti-itching, hair care, keeping skin tender and white, etc. have significant effects.

Aloe vera has a good compatibility, can be well matched with various cosmetic crystal materials, and can eliminate the damage of various surfactants to the skin. Cosmetics made with aloe vera extract include health care toothpaste, cleansing skin care products, series of hair products, moisturizing creams, youth creams and other products. According to the American Cosmetic Association, aloe vera is the most popular cosmetics in the United States, with more than 33% of consumers Use this cosmetic.

3. Application of aloe extract in health care, diet, etc.

According to relevant information, aloe contains more than 20 kinds of amino acids and trace elements, and also contains aloe-emodin, strontium, germanium and other aloe food minerals. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, improves immune function, increases interleukins, eliminates endotoxins, and eliminates toxic free radicals. Relieve constipation, prevent colitis, lower blood lipids, blood sugar and blood pressure, improve the circulatory system, prevent and treat digestive system diseases, increase appetite, and improve sleep quality. It can improve the health of the whole body and make people energetic. In foreign countries, there are many types of aloe health products and foods. Japan has developed nearly a hundred varieties of aloe vera powder, aloe beverages, and aloe cakes. The market for aloe health products in the United States is particularly broad.

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